Pure in the top 10

Seattle's Top 10 Vegan Restaurants

By Voracious Mon., Nov 5 2012 


They're all vegetarian restaurants now.

An herbivore can assemble a three-course meal of fried artichoke hearts, field greens with Anjou pears and a grilled marinated portabello mushroom at Met Grill, which proudly calls itself the source of "the best steak in town."

But vegans still can't waltz into any restaurant and ask for a full meal made without milk, eggs or honey. Fortunately, the following restaurants have the fake meat front covered. As always, the finalists are listed in no particular order, and credit goes to Erin Thompson for compiling our contributors' comments (and Gwen Elliott for her non-meat expertise.)


2. Pure Café

That vegetarian food is somewhat underrepresented on Vashon--a verdant isle flowering with farm-fresh produce--is a little surprising, but Pure Cafe makes up for the divide with a wholesome menu serving everything from vegan soups and wheatgrass shots to quinoa bowls and gluten-free sandwiches. It's quintessential "hippie" food--the kind vegetarians love for its wholesome simplicity, and the kind carnivore-chowing folks can detox with after all that artisanal charcuterie at La Boucherie. Do not miss the amazing raw, vegan pizza with cashew "cheez" and sun-dried tomatoes.

Sarah Rogers